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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

Unity Tools

Our studio spent a good deal of time prototyping gameplay and design ideas in Unity for a project that has now been shelved. While I cannot show scripts from that project, contained here are a number of generic editor scripts that I put together to simplify the process of transitioning from Maya to Unity. Please note that these scripts have not been tested with any version other than Unity 3.0 Pro.

UnityTools (code)
This creates a UI that allows the user to control various aspects of their scene for interpretation by Unity's FBX converter/importer.

FBXMayaExport (code)
This is the Unity MEL script that converts a Maya file to FBX. It has been modified to prepare the file prior to export to facilitate the following niceties:

In order for the two above MEL scripts to function properly, some UnityEditor scripts must be placed in an Editor folder within the user's Unity project. These scripts are:

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